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( Apr. 29th, 2007 10:09 pm)
So, I've finally sold my flat. Completion was actually last Tuesday, but I still had to clear some furniture out. However as the new owner wasn't moving in - he was gutting the place prior to refurbishment and renting it out - he allowed me to pick the stuff up this weekend. I duly hired a van, and with the help of Dave from work, cleared it out on Saturday. I drove it all down to Devon, and dumped it in my parents' garage* I drove back this afternoon, via a quick stop on the M4 to get a tire changed**.

Some things you really don't appreciate about motorways are quite noticable when you're stuck by the side of one:
70mph is quite frighteningly fast when the vehicle doing it passes within 3 feet or so of the AA man changing the tire.
Motorways are very loud.
Vehicles doing 70mph generate on hell of a gust of wind as they go by. Even the really small ones. This is particularly noticeable when you're sat in a high-sided van that is largely empty.

* My parents have an enormous double garage beneath their bungalow, which was previously used by my Dad's business. This is in addition to the garage attached to the house itself. So no problems storing crap.
** No way was I going to change a driver's side tire by the side of the M4, especially with the wimpy jack that came with the van. The AA man instead put his own life on the line, as well as bringing with him far more sensible tools for changing the wheel on a long wheelbase Transit van.
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( Feb. 5th, 2007 07:09 pm)
Zoe (the cat) is poorly, she appears to have a blood clot in her leg. She's staying overnight at the vet. She was limping round all day yesterday, then got really lethargic and totally uninterested in food or water. So this morning we got an emergency appointment. We miss her :-(

Blah is a lack of sleep, and a day at work that didn't involve any breaks of any kind and people talking at cross purposes and having to lump $3400 for new software on my own fucking credit card (and then raising an expenses claim) rather than the company actually having a credit card handy for such payments?! Hell it's lucky I happen to have a card with that kind of spare capacity. Then there's the whole palaver of setting up a PC in the demo room for a demo to clients tomorrow, we spent all bloody afternoon getting the demo working (or: a selection of random kludges that hopefully will do the trick for now, fingers crossed that the permissions error doens't pop up, it might be an idea to warn someone it might happen), then I looked at the diary and the room's booked all day tomorrow anyway, no time to set up the PC, even first thing because who wants a sodding monitor and PC sitting around taking up space and blocking views? Luckily there's a spare laptop, to go with the regular demo room laptop, but even that's narfed because I don't have admin rights to make all the changes I need to it. Tech support had better bloody get their arses in gear and get it sorted first thing. We still need to test the sodding demo. Oh and this client we're demo-ing to? Someone sent them a rather, er, fiery, letter this morning. (I can mention this because it's public knowledge. I should also point out that we'll be having nothing to do with that particular aspect of their business.)

At least Aliza's being adorable and well behaved. She's a month old today... doesn't time fly, and so on?

Flat sale, blah, solicitors, blah, estate agents, blah, managing agents, blah, just sell the damned thing already and give me my money! Of course I still need to completely empty the place, but it's not as simple as "pick it up, dump it" because not everything's to be dumped. I need to be more precise. "Pick up that and that and that and dump it, then take that and that down to Devon, oh and pop by my new place to pick up this old bed too which needs to go to Devon." Or maybe it'll be simpler to say "just take it all to Devon, and I'll get it dumped from down there". And maybe that should get organised for the day we drive down anyway, but that's just over a week away, a bit short notice, wouldn't you say? Aaargh! Me head explodee bang go aaaargh!

Can I get some sleep now?


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