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( Apr. 14th, 2009 10:32 am)
It's been over a month, hasn't it? See, if anything of any vague interest had happened, I'd have mentioned it here.*

There are things I'd like to be doing, and I'm sure there are better ways of looking for a job than sitting round firing off random emails into the InterWeb, but I'm kinda stuck where I am and I just plain don't know anyone outside of Alexis's family. Home life is chaotic and noisy, with very little opportunity for sitting quietly and just being vaguely creative - y'know, writing, trying to build some kind of web page/presence/functionality (really, I paid for a domain and all this web hosting and bells and whistles and so far all there is to show for it is a "Under Construction"-type home page!!), playing with the free versions of .NET and SQL server.

I need an office. Or a better laptop than my netbook for sitting in Starbucks, a cost I can't justify right now.

So I'll just sit and play quizzes on Sporcle and wait for nothing else to happen.

* I'm not mentioning anything job-related, because I don't want to have to post the inevitable post-interview "I didn't get it" post, assuming that the company in question even bothers to contact me to tell me so.
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( Apr. 16th, 2007 04:51 pm)
So far, it's come down to a close run thing between these two:

  • Two-for-one Baby Soltan at Boots, so my wife informs me.

  • Code compiled in OE10 against an OE10 database will run against a V9.1 database, with the obvious proviso that there's no difference between the schemas involved.

I'd do a poll to see what you lot thought was most exciting, but seeing as this post doesn't contain the word "sex", and isn't a veiled reference to someone you may or may not know who's pissed me off, it's unlikely to register on your radars. Now get back to work, the lot of you.
I suppose I could eulogise about my beautiful baby daughter, and how adorable she is when she starts to try to burble. She does a great line in big toothless (for now) grins. She knows when she wants attention, too... and appears to know how to get it. This is easily observed behaviour. If she's fine just sat in her bouncer next to me whilst I'm at my computer, she'll just, well, sit there and quietly do whatever it is babies do. Maybe have a stretch, a bit of a wriggle, but she'll do it quietly. If she's after attention, though, she'll make it plain. So it's necessary to talk to her, tickle her, pick her up for a cuddle. Just as long as I don't turn around again as soon as she goes quiet. I think we have a clever one on our hands.

In other news, I think she's already got a boyfriend. He's an older lad (9-10 days, apparaently!), and I'm not sure I wholly approve. I might have to go round and sort him out. I've seen photos, and I'm not sure his intentions are quite honest! [To explain - at Alexis's last NCT get-together, Aliza was in a lot of photos next to the hosts' son, and they look as if they're cuddled up together. I'm not going to post a link to the photos as there are pictures of other peoples' kids there and I don't want to link to them without permission.]

Well there you go - life in a nutshell. If it weren't for my daughter, I'd be bored. Work is dull, and we've just heard that a major contract we were supposed to be ramping up on has been put back at least 6 months because the client's client haven't got approval to start operating.

There was something else but it can't be important because I've totally forgotten it.
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( Jan. 21st, 2007 12:54 pm)
Well, so far today has been a little productive - I've got the shopping in, and packed it all away, and unloaded & realoaded the dishwasher. This is alongside the more mundane things such as feeding Aliza, feeding myself, and making myself clean and presentable. We were planning on taking Aliza out this afternoon - however Alexis is still asleep and the forecast for later isn't very promising. Snow, they reckon! So that'll be another boring afternoon doing nothing and going nowhere, then. Although I may insist on being allowed to go to the pub to watch Arsenal vs. Man Utd, but again, if the weather is dodgy, I'll not bother.

Please, someone, save us from this boringness!


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