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( Oct. 17th, 2008 05:30 pm)
Well, now I have a bank account, and I have my "Green" Card. Once I get a bank statement, that will allow me to get a driver's licence.

Of course, I still don't have a job, and I'm not exactly sure about where to look next, or how to fix things up to make people more interested in me, but well, one thing at a time?
Well, here we go.  I'm currently sat in the Virgin lounge at Heathrow, having checked in etc.

I've just had a full English breakfast, and finally have time to relax.  About an hour before I'm called to my flight.

The trip through duty free was fruitful: not only did I pick up the new headphones and copy of DS Civ Revolution I was always going to get, it turns out they've also released Final Fantasy IV on the DS.  That was a no-brainer purchase, given the reasonably decent job they did with the FF3 port.

Anyway... after the longest, most tiring, most difficult, most stressful, three weeks of My Life So Far, I'm finally good to go.  Just US Immigration to hurdle on the way in.

I'm going to miss Britain, but I won't know what I miss most until I've been in the USA long enough to work it out.  However I'm willing to bet that #1 on the list will be the BBC.  Can anyone let me use a UK-based proxy server so I can still use iPlayer?!

So, yeah, so long Britain.  Never was a good one for goodbyes.
Today, I quit the job I've had since 1 April 1997. My last day will be (officially) Friday 5 September, however with 5 days' holiday to take my actual leaving date is Friday 29 August.

My US visa also arrived today, but not without much fuss and palaver and other comedic happenstances. I had the MD running around like a headless chicken trying to find me - I was in the office of one of the other directors formally handing in my notice (and, er, forgot to tell anyone that). Never mind that the useless tossers who deliver secure mail on behalf of the US Embassy claimed to have attempted to deliver it on Monday (though nobody in the office has any recollection of anybody calling for me at all), the first I knew of this being on Tuesday when they called me out of the blue. Whatever. I have the documents, nobody can stop me now, for soon, I Will Be Invincible muahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Right... so now I have to:
- Book flights.
- Arrange a mover.
- Get stuff to/from my parents, which is complicated by the fact that they're going to be in Brighton most of next week.
- Get a new job (I have my visa now, I can technically start looking).
- Sell my car (but not until Aug 20 at the earliest) (T-reg (1999) Skoda Octavia 1.6GLXi, 41,500 miles, good condition, FSH, probably going for around £1200-1500 though I'd need to check.)
- Anything else I've forgotten?!?

[Edit] Hmm, seems I've under-valued the car, it's probably closer to £2000 as (a) the mileage is low and (b) my particular model is perhaps the best in the range for reliability, driveability, longevity, and so on.
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( Aug. 1st, 2008 11:27 am)
For some reason I've been allowed in. My passport complete with visa will be arriving back sometime next week. Once it's with me I'll be handing in my notice... kinda scary!

My work colleagues, who for some reason don't want me to leave, are plotting to somehow persuade the courier to "go for a Mars bar".


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