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( May. 24th, 2007 02:19 pm)
So last night, myself, Stuart, Dave and Neale Stuart-Davies (I kid you not... Neil, Stuart, Dave, and Neale Stuart-Davies!) did a repeat of our 2005 AC Milan vs Liverpool Champions'-and-runners-up-and-even-more-clubs-from-the-countries-with-the-most-money League Final experience, but with one vital difference: Stuart's ex, Jo, was there as well. This vital difference ensured that instead of a glorious come-from-three-nil-down-at-half-time-and-win-on-penalties game, we got a dull affair (though not nearly as dull as the FA Cup Final) in which one team played miles better than the other, but the other team scored more goals. Yeah, Liverpool lost 2-1 and didn't deserve it, especially as Milan shouldn't have even started the competition in the first place.

Umm, did I mention we had a few drinks along the way? And then someone bought a round of shots. That's always a bad sign.

At least I got the last train home.

My head hurts.
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( Dec. 25th, 2006 12:03 pm)
Okay, so it's not really his birthday, but it is the birthday of three English cricketers, one of whom is currently touring Australia with England, and two who I'd dearly love to have seen out there, not least because we'd have had a far better chance of winning with them than without (assuming their best form, etc).

But I digress. This is my first Christmas I've not spent with my parents (and I'm the last of their three children to do so, despite being the eldest - Kathryn has done Christmas in both Canada and New Zealand, and Sara went to her in-laws last year). However, certain traditions have been kept alive. For instance, pains au chocolat for breakfast. And buck's fizz. Except I'm the only person in this household who drinks alcomohol, and there's a whole bottle of Cava to get through. Rather, was. There ain't much left right now. Hic!

I'm playing Guitar Hero some, too... but it doesn't half knacker up your fingers (and I'm only playing on Easy!) So I'm taking a break and typing instead: how sensible of me.


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