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( Jul. 3rd, 2007 02:33 pm)
A description of the weather, not the place (though to be fair between October and April, it really is rather a dull place to live).

We were down visiting my family and showing off Aliza to assorted relatives. My folks may not be as noisy as Alexis's, but they know how to coo over a baby!

Meanwhile I was playing bridge in the English Riviera Congress, with mixed results. Our team-mates let go a couple of matches we should've won, and in the pairs it was a tale of two days: Saturday great (4 wins and a draw out of 7 matches) for 84/140 VPs. Sunday was awful (1 win and 5 losses) for 15/100 VPs, a total of 99/240 - when we were odds on to be better than 50% overnight. Disappointing!

Monday was Alexis's birthday; she was surprised (a difficult thing to achieve!) by her present from me. We drove round the South Hams, with fish and chips in Torcross for lunch, before the showery drive back home.

Today: another day off, but I'm heading down to Lord's later where hopefully I'll be watching Middlesex vs. Surrey in the Twenty20 cup. Given the current weather pattern of sunny spells with short sharp heavy showers, there should be some cricket, but exactly how much it remains to be seen.
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( May. 18th, 2007 03:08 pm)
Maybe it's the weather (bright, sunny, warm, and only a couple of feet to my left outside the window...), or just because it's a Friday, or a few niggling aches and pains I seem to have developed in the last day or so, but my mind just isn't anywhere near work right now - which is annoying, because first thing, I had a definite idea of what needed to be done.

Right now I'm just waiting for 4pm to tick along, so I can escape. I'm doing no good sitting here. I have a bit of work that I think is finished, but I'm not 100% sure, and I'm waiting for someone else to get some documentation to me for more work I'm due to pick up. My brain is scattered to the four corners of the wind right now.

Wanting to go to the pub to watch this has got nothing to do with my mood whatsoever, honest.
Duncan Fletcher has resigned - it's official now, so I can say so.

So there's going to be all the usual kerfuffle when it comes to such events over the designation of his successor. Why bother? I think I've come up with the ideal solution!

Given that the only way for anyone to get a top job these days is to do so on TV, how about: The Apprentice: England Cricket Coach? I'd put Ian Botham in charge of it (the Alan Sugar figure, as it were), with Bob Willis and Jonathan Agnew as his sidekicks. Then line up a bunch of candidates, and put them through the mill.

I can just imagine the boardroom (dressing room? Long Room?) as each one is dismissed, with the immortal words, "You're Out!"

"Lose 5-0 to Australia? You'd do well to lose 5-0 to Bangladesh! You're Out!"
"You bowled and went for 50 runs, and only scored 30 yourself. You've cost me 20 runs! You're Out!"
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( Dec. 25th, 2006 12:03 pm)
Okay, so it's not really his birthday, but it is the birthday of three English cricketers, one of whom is currently touring Australia with England, and two who I'd dearly love to have seen out there, not least because we'd have had a far better chance of winning with them than without (assuming their best form, etc).

But I digress. This is my first Christmas I've not spent with my parents (and I'm the last of their three children to do so, despite being the eldest - Kathryn has done Christmas in both Canada and New Zealand, and Sara went to her in-laws last year). However, certain traditions have been kept alive. For instance, pains au chocolat for breakfast. And buck's fizz. Except I'm the only person in this household who drinks alcomohol, and there's a whole bottle of Cava to get through. Rather, was. There ain't much left right now. Hic!

I'm playing Guitar Hero some, too... but it doesn't half knacker up your fingers (and I'm only playing on Easy!) So I'm taking a break and typing instead: how sensible of me.


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