It's been over a month, hasn't it? See, if anything of any vague interest had happened, I'd have mentioned it here.*

There are things I'd like to be doing, and I'm sure there are better ways of looking for a job than sitting round firing off random emails into the InterWeb, but I'm kinda stuck where I am and I just plain don't know anyone outside of Alexis's family. Home life is chaotic and noisy, with very little opportunity for sitting quietly and just being vaguely creative - y'know, writing, trying to build some kind of web page/presence/functionality (really, I paid for a domain and all this web hosting and bells and whistles and so far all there is to show for it is a "Under Construction"-type home page!!), playing with the free versions of .NET and SQL server.

I need an office. Or a better laptop than my netbook for sitting in Starbucks, a cost I can't justify right now.

So I'll just sit and play quizzes on Sporcle and wait for nothing else to happen.

* I'm not mentioning anything job-related, because I don't want to have to post the inevitable post-interview "I didn't get it" post, assuming that the company in question even bothers to contact me to tell me so.
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