In the past two and a bit weeks, I have assembled:
1 bed (US king size, UK superking);
2 bedside tables;
3 chests of drawers;
5 bookcases;
1 computer desk/workstation*;
3 CD/DVD towers**;
1 TV stand;

That's 16 items in 15 days!

I have a long weekend now to recover.

* At the first attempt, I discovered that my boxes clearly labelled "1/2" (plus a big [1] sticker) and "2/2" (plus a big [2] sticker) actually had identical contents. This necessitated a trip to Baltimore last Sunday to exchange it. The new boxes were different sizes. No chance of a cock-up there.

** With assistance from Alexis, and attempted assistance from Aliza. There is a fourth CD/DVD tower that Alexis assembled on her own.


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