A warning that this post contains dentistry details. If that sort of thing makes you weak at the kneeeedc ..,, sorry, briefly lost control there... anyway, as I was saying, if dentistry isn't your thing, you'd best be advised to look away NOW.

I've had an achey tooth pretty much since I got back from the UK after the new year. It's been intermittently bad, but when it's was bad, it's was very, very, bad, and getting badder each time it was bad. (Got Michael Jackson as your headworm yet?) I'd pretty much worked out it was to do with a known cavity in a lower-left bicuspids. (For the uneducated, that's the sort of half-molar. A hybrid grinding/gnawing tooth. Very general purpose. Gets a lot of work. If you see what I mean.) Anyway, it had a hole in it the size of China, if you reduced the world to such a size that, to scale, China were the same size as the hole in my tooth.


I finally 'fessed up to what's been keeping me up at night, and why I'd been popping Advil like crazy. Alexis immediately got on the 'phone to Dr Lipman the next morning. I got "squeezed in" for 2.45pm that same day - wasn't I a lucky boy?

To cut a very long story ever so slightly shorter, I had a root canal, which involves, for the uninitiated, the dentist scraping out the insides of the tooth and root, and replacing it with artificial material. I now have a rather delicately re-built tooth that requires a cap in a few weeks. (Not to mention the general check up and cleaning appointment I've got booked. Never had a cleaning. Not sure I'm looking forward to that.) Oh, and I owe Dr Lipman $x, an amount I didn't enquire about, but he's good enough not to worry too much as long as you put enough his way on a regular basis. After all, he wants return customers so doesn't want to frighten them away by insisting that they pay too much for the privilege of having their teeth drilled.

Now... what else?

I still don't have a job - that really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as I'm sure you'd expect me to post here the second I did get a job. It's not the sort of thing I'd expect to keep quiet. Anyway, I keep spamming my resume at Monster and Dice and CareerBuilder and the like, and I get a hit-rate of about 1 interview per 30 resumes. Ish.

I also realised, what with the film coming out and all, that I'd not actually read Watchmen. Many times I'd gone into Borders at lunch time (back when I had a job), and poked and prodded it in the graphic novels section. I'd probably read the first page or so. I'd never handed over any cash. Well, I changed that, making use of the Amazon vouchers I received as a leaving present to get hold of it. The idea being that I could read it, watch the movie, and be justified in my disappointment. From reading on IMDB, it's clear that the ending has already been changed, and not necessarily to my liking. Admittedly killing 2m+ New Yorkers with a giant "alient" squid might not have gone down too well with cinema audiences but I'm not sure that the descriptions I've read of how Veidt/Ozymandius's plot is modified are really... in keeping with the spirit of the original ending. It would appear that instead of uniting all mankind against a "common foe" (which if course is entirely made up, albeit very convincingly) and thus preventing WW3, the idea is to discredit Dr Manhattan so much that he really disappears (instead of just hopping off to Mars for a quick sulk before his ex talks him back home again) and thus restores the East/West balance of power. Unless, perhaps, the idea is to set Dr Manhattan up as the "common foe" by some other plot device I'm not totally aware of, and thus get the US and the Commies to bang their heads together as to how he might be stopped should he return from where he goes. See the problem I have with just discrediting him so he goes away, is that the first time (when he goes to Mars), WW3 almost does start, until Veidt pulls his "alien" trick. So Dr Manhattan would have to be set up as a genuine threat to the whole planet that needed to be dealt with, both now and in the future. Well enough complaining - I've only read the book once, surely not enough to really be even allowed to make comments like this, so I'll just say that from the movie trailers, the whole look and feel of Watchmen has certainly been captured. Apparently a lot of the little details are there to be spotted (I'll need to re-read to pick them up - such as the angle of the blood splatter on the smiley badge, and appearences by the End Of The World sandwich board guy). I won't be lining up for the midnight showings tonight but I may go at the weekend.

And that, as they say, is la vie.

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Dr Drillenkill

Hey, we can be root canal buddies; I had one last week. Fun aren't they? I already had the crown, so just need it filled in again shortly.

Hope it's not too painful.
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I really didn't like HotJobs when I checked it out, so I walked away.

I'm on LinkedIn but it's not proving terribly useful to me - having worked for only one company, the networking side really has proved difficult to kick off.

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If you want a hand revamping your CV, just say the word. I still owe you a leaving present, after all.


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