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( Mar. 5th, 2009 05:31 pm)
A warning that this post contains dentistry details. If that sort of thing makes you weak at the kneeeedc ..,, sorry, briefly lost control there... anyway, as I was saying, if dentistry isn't your thing, you'd best be advised to look away NOW.

Finally, We Meet )

Now... what else?

I still don't have a job - that really shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as I'm sure you'd expect me to post here the second I did get a job. It's not the sort of thing I'd expect to keep quiet. Anyway, I keep spamming my resume at Monster and Dice and CareerBuilder and the like, and I get a hit-rate of about 1 interview per 30 resumes. Ish.

I also realised, what with the film coming out and all, that I'd not actually read Watchmen. Many times I'd gone into Borders at lunch time (back when I had a job), and poked and prodded it in the graphic novels section. I'd probably read the first page or so. I'd never handed over any cash. Well, I changed that, making use of the Amazon vouchers I received as a leaving present to get hold of it. The idea being that I could read it, watch the movie, and be justified in my disappointment. From reading on IMDB, it's clear that SPOILERS?!! )

And that, as they say, is la vie.


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