The movers came, took our stuff, then said they didn't want to tackle The Bronx and cross the George Washington Bridge during the day, so would be heading down to Pennsylvania early Saturday morning.

There's only one slight issue with this: we had to be here today in order to sign the lease and pick up the keys (they don't do weekend check-ins). So we're back in the Holiday Inn for the night.

We're also TV-less (well, okay, we get basic cable so won't be missing House or 24 or other important-ish stuff) until Wednesday. Worse, we're internet-less until then, unless we can "borrow" wi-fi from an unsuspecting neighbor. This is mainly due to Verizon having a really dumb order verification system that relies on human beings. If they have a computer trying to do human handwriting OCR (and I've seen one in action, even the people demonstrating it said it was only about 80% accurate), then that's possibly even dumber. In the end, the guy I spoke to managed to trace the fax we sent them back via the number it was sent from. So FiOS Guy is coming on Wednesday to hook everything up. Luckily the previous tenants also had the triple play, as the box is already set up in the basement - so it should just be a case of activating the account.

Right... and that, as they say, is that.
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