The RAM, after leaving Columbus, travelled to Parsippany, New Jersey, and via another stop in NJ it got to the UPS Farmingdale depot, which, as I've mentioned before, is just down the road (it's a ten-minute walk, not that you'd want to walk there from here). It left for delivery at around 6am yesterday, and arrived at the usual UPS delivery time in the apartment complex - about 6.30pm. The theory I have is that as we're the closest domestic deliveries to the depot, we always get done last. However I'm not entirely convinced that UPS should be allowing their drivers to pull 12-hour shifts (it'd certainly be illegal in the EU - however from what I've gathered, truckers and other commercial drivers putting in long shifts is not uncommon).

Anyway, it's in the PC now and it works a lot better, thanks. There's considerably less waiting time when switching users, starting Firefox, and the amount of paging it needs to do when I shut down Civ3 is significantly reduced.

Hmm, wonder if I should upgrade the GFX card, or just pull the card from my PC, so I can play Oblivion...?
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