I have a Wii! I have Guitar Hero 5. I thought I'd share my frustrations with it (compared to Rock Band 2, which I've also played extensively).

Career Mode in Guitar Hero 5 SUCKS DONKEY BALLS in comparison to the same in Rock Band 2:
1. GH5 Career Mode consists of playing 1 song at a time to unlock venues and other stuff. Sure RB2 does the same, but at least RB2 has a good variety of setlists, some of which are maddeningly hard (the 8-song East Coast Marathon springs to mind).
2. GH5 Career Mode doesn't unlock extra songs for you - they're all available right away (which is actually good, but...).
3. GH5 Career Mode doesn't let you pick individual song difficulty, you have to re-start your Career Mode session to do that.
4. Every time you complete a song in GH5 Career Mode, it puts the cursor back at the top of the list for that venue (or dumps you back to the venue list if you unlocked a new venue - but RB2 does that as well). Why can't it work out that if you've played a song in the list, chances are the next one you want IS THE NEXT ONE IN THE LIST?!
5. No option to choose a Random Song when you have to pick a song (I always choose Song 2 for non-Guitar challenges, 'cos it's only 2 minutes long and dead easy).

The good news? I can get RB2 for less than $40 on Amazon.

A shame 'cos I like the GH5 soundtrack is better than RB2's (plus I played RB2 to death on Carly's Wii). But I like the better and more varied solo/career/setlist modes offered by the latter.
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